The main aim of the term Six Sigma is to create defect-free and error-free products. This is basically linked with the term manufacturing, while the terms related with statistical modelling of manufacturing processes.

It always explores the innovative ideas to enhance the performance level without compromising the quality of the process. Thus it contributes to the organization’s revenue and act as an asset to any business.

Candidates successfully accomplished the courses of Certified Green Belt professional are able to perform the roles and can serve the industry as a Quality Analyst, Quality Manager, Supervisor, Finance Manager as well as Quality Control professional.

The objective of Six Sigma Green Belt (CSSGB) Certification Training:

  • To reduce process variation through continuous efforts to reach a stable and predictable process results, which is very significant to the business success?
  • To measure, analyse, control and improve the Manufacturing and business processes.
  • To attain a quality improvement on the process.

What learning benefits you get from the training?

The training program will help you to get into the world of Six Sigma. It will emphasise on the tools and methodologies of Six Sigma which focuses on minimising the waste in the business process.
Through successful accomplishment of the CSSGB training program, the recipient will be very well able to:

  • Explain and understand the fundamentals of Six Sigma Approach.
  • Identify the actions of the Define phase.
  • Describe the functions of Measure phase.
  • Execute hypothesis testing and data analysis in the Analyse phase.
  • Discover the future improvement that can be achieved through the controlled actions in order to improve the performance level.
  • Identify the optimum operating levels for KPIV and KPOV in the Control phase.
  • Get a wonderful approach of knowledge transfer from reputed instructors with lot of practical examples and case studies.
  • Know about the exceptional delivery methods of Six Sigma.
  • Get through the training material. The training program enhances the capabilities of the candidate by sharing the practical examples.

Not only for the manufacturing industry but the training is very helpful for transnational processes as well.