Yes, almost all the interview starts out with this same question, “Tell me something about yourself”. We know it’s annoyingly unclear.

The other questions you may come across are like…

what is the right way to deal with difficult stakeholders?

What will you going to miss most about your present job?

Anyway instead of stumbling through a long-winded introduction, cut the unnecessary conversation and  better to come to the point as soon as possible. The best approach to deal with this type of question is to cut the irrelevant talks and to provide a brief summary. You can take advantage of this open question by turning the direction of the job interview. You can impress the interviewer by focusing on your best compelling business analysis qualifications.

This is a typical kind of question which should be answered with utmost experience. So despite of beating around the bush it is good if you provide a direct answer describing a crucial moment with your difficult stakeholders and explain the interviewer how you managed the things by getting control over the challenged situations.

The question asked in the interview is to evaluate typically your vision and orientation towards a business analyst’s job opportunity. Actually here the interviewer strategically wants to know what you actually perceive as the most important about your role and responsibility. Thus the question need to be done with a tactful answer by focusing on your past experience. You should cite examples to prove that how you would be the best fit for the role and work environment they have to offer. you should not show off too much inclination to your current job as they think it negatively as you are not able to take the responsibility  to carry out the new role. Thus just saying you’ll miss the people, will be a safe way to deal with this question.