Business analysis is an emerging and promising profession. Through this question the employers want to know that how far you are dedicated towards your job profile and how well you understand your responsibility towards the organisation. So just discuss and focus on the skills needed for a business analyst to help the management in getting success. Here you need to mention the general marketing skill of a business analyst rather than any technology skills.

It develop a product from an idea:

To develop a product from an idea includes the whole process and use of all the requisite tools. Here you have to start from the grass root and have to perform, Market Analysis, SWOT Analysis, Competitor Analysis, Strategic Vision, Personas and Feature Set, Use Cases, Prioritise Features, SDLC, Test Cases, Storyboards, Scalability and Monitoring.

The type and scope of the project are the two aspects, depending upon which a model to be followed can be decided. Often the organisational culture along with some other influencing factors is to be considered while selecting a life cycle model to develop the system.

The user centred design methodology:

A business runs with its customer. All that, a business need to do is to satisfy the end user. So in a user oriented business, everything depends on the taste and requirement of the end user. In such an environment, we need to develop the system with a user’s point of view, intending to the group of the end users and depending on their requirement.

Application usability refers to the quality of the system which makes it useful for the proper functioning of the business. A System’s usability basically depends on the requirement of the user. If it is compatible to achieving users’ goals then you can rate it as a good one. It typically depends on achieving users’ goals.