The core responsibilities of a business Analyst is to establish a communication conduit between the team and the stakeholders. It act as a coordinator among the two to create an friendly environment where everyone can flourish and prosper in their own area of activities.

Roles and Responsibility:

A Business Analyst is responsible to deliver some significant documents helpful for the functionality of the management. That document includes the functional specification documents, Requirements traceability, technical specification documents, Use case diagrams, BRD (business requirements document) and Business flow documents.

The common tools those are generally used by a business analyst are MS Word, MS Visio, MS Excel, Quality centre/test director MS Project and Power point. Apart from these many tools there may be some client specific tools supplied by the client exclusively.


A business analyst has to take care of the activity diagram. It is the summary or diagram of work flow in an organisation. It also includes the outline of the activity and the action already finished. The purpose of maintaining an activity diagram is to make out the difference between different department with a detail picture of the project in order to make the activity of coding and designing more convenient. It is helpful to the developers to work on the project as activity diagram clearly highlight the differences and the actions of a particular job.

Being a business analyst, it is obvious that you will face some new thing every day. It is quite difficult to explain the term of risk associated here. However, in the field of business analyst, risk is something that can be estimated and handled if correct actions and plans would be taken at right time. The mitigation plans can be helpful in solving the risk caused damages. Moreover these risks are otherwise called as issues. There are certain contingency management as well as issue management to deal with the issue. It may not be the responsibility of the business analyst to solve the issue, nevertheless they can gain a good learning from the situation for future damage control.