Education is the key to our secured future. Learning never ends. Everyone have their own aim and ambition in life. It has been seen that more and more international students show their preference in learning The universities from Canada. Every year approximately 130,000 international students applied for the different courses, with Canada authorization. The reason being a high-quality teaching process companies with international collaborations. The Canadian education is rich in research and scientific publications.

To study in Canada, you need to apply to and get your acceptance letter. The first step is to decide what course you want to do in which university. But still, if you have confusion in your mind, then it is better to start with your student visa application process. Once getting accepted at a Canadian university, you can able to move further with the process through receiving the acceptance letter required with ETA for Canada.

It is very important to identify a right university to study on your desired discipline. For example if you want to do Master programmes in a university in Canada then you will have the option to go with various disciplines like Master programmes in environmental sciences, Master programmes in computer science, Master programmes in psychology, Master programmes in photography, MBA programmes, Master programmes in accounting, Master programmes in media, Master programmes in architecture and the like.

After getting your acceptance letter from the Canada university, you can start your study journey. The next step is to apply for a student permit otherwise known as student visa. Expat can apply online for their Canadian student visa through logging on the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) website. There you need to provide some important information. To get a Canadian student visa you need to furnish an acceptance letter from a designated Canadian government approved learning institution, proof of sufficient financial resources which is necessary for your stay, tuition fees, and other living expenses during your study in Canada. It is also important that you should have no past criminal record.