It is significant to prepare and make yourself acquainted with the company and position for which you are applying. There is no sense to jump into the water without knowing the art of swimming. So subject knowledge is the basic thing that you should know about. In addition to that, your general knowledge, self esteem, personality, body language, presence of mind as well as the approach and attitude matters a lot in an interview. For a foolproof preparation to be a business analyst you need to check out on preparing for your Business Analyst interview. Usually you will be encountered with some following kind of questions while you are trying to obtain the position.

How important a flow chart is?

Answer: This question asks whether the candidate knows what the meaning of the flow chart is and what its role in a project is. So here you need to explain the meaning and function of the tool.  So your answer will be like this: “A graphical representation of the sequences of a process is known as a flow chart. It is a tool which clearly explains the flow of data from source documents through the computer to the end user. However the Program flowcharts demonstrate the sequence of instructions used in a particular program. It is in the form of a chart with various symbols for a clear understanding at a glance.”

Why a case model is required?

Answer: A use case model is something which describes the real business environment. The objective of using the tool is to make a clear picture of the actions and events that occurs through a specified process.

What do you mean by UML modelling?

Answer: UML is the abbreviation used for Unified Modelling Language. However, this is the standard technique used by the industry for documenting, visualising and constructing a range of components in a system. If any further question comes regarding the use of UML modelling in the field of business analyst professional, then it is better to explain the entire methods and techniques of each and every tool.