There are lots of different types of learning process such as Self Learning, Instructor Led Online learning and the Traditional Class room Training. Now in this blog we are going to focus on each type of learning process in detail.

Self Learning:

The process of self learning is not online. It is the convenient way of learning which in fact gives the learner a liberty to take the things in a more democratic way. The learning process includes distance learning, online learning and self-learning in general. Thus the advanced technique of learning depends on the devices like the the tabs, MP3 player, the iPhone, mobile and other Internet devices as well. The learners will be provided with the advanced and effective learning applications. However, the new challenging process of learning is a little daunting but effectual.

Instructor-Led Online Training:

In instructor based training system, one instructor is assigned to educate  a group of candidates. The training may took place in a conference room, school building, office or any other place to educate a group of persons taking the course.

In the traditional system due to the inconvenience of distance people get refrained from taking part in the training education. Here in the process the service giver uses the mode of lectures, demonstrations, discussions and presentations as a part of their teaching process online. The method is useful while the material is new or complex one. The instructor can very well take you into the matter through demonstrating the concepts in a simple way which really can enhance the learning experience of a trainee.

Traditional Class room Training:

Our advanced virtual world needs the touch of real interaction. It depends on all advanced gadgets. while the internet won’t be the replacement of the traditional classroom learning intervention. This is the proven and tested technique of parting education which is likely to produce effective results. In a Classroom sessions the instructor can deliver information in an ever interesting way. The trainer and the trainee can exchange their thought and can interact face to face. Here the trainee will get the best result form of a real specialist having years of experience.