So now it can be said that a project manager should ensure that everyone must understand the overall scope of the project along with their part of responsibility in accomplishing the project. Planning is necessary for successful completion of the project. Rather sometime a project requires more comprehensive planing while it is associated with more than one functional area.  So lack of intervention of a skilled project manager may cause serious major gaps in the design and the development. It may lead to a compromise with the end result.

Things to be considered:

So be honest and open minded in your behaviour while you are in an interview. The interviewer is more keen to know about your intellect and integrity than your correct answer. So it is better to accept if you do not know an answer. Convey them the message that you are ready to upgrade yourself with all the requirement of the organisational position and you are ready to learn new things which is expected from you. Some tips that help you to crack the technical interview rounds:

Tips for project manager technical interview:

  • A good fit for technical responsibility should have very strong in the basics of the programming language.
  • Be prepared to accept and say ‘NO I don’t know’, when actually you lack it.
  • Show them your enthusiasm in learning new things.
  • No need to misrepresent the things in an impressive manner, they are smart enough to judge your talent. So it is better to be concise on the answers.
  • Do not try to mislead them with irrelevant answers, they may add negatives in their scorecard.
  • Take a breath and answer the question with all your rationality. A quick and desperate initial response may not be appropriate.

It is the responsibility of the project manager to streamline the process as it helps in a way of identifying and developing individuals for their upcoming roles in the organisation.