To evaluate the progress of implementing the innovative method of webquests learning, the following questions has been asked to the teachers in order to know whether the survey is beneficial to the students of this tech era….

Do the class enjoy this new method of webquests teaching and learning?

Ans: yes, the class is enjoying the new method of learning and teaching. It is found in almost every situation that, it is motivating the student quite interestingly while a bit of spice added to their old method.

Do the new method of webquests learning is effective in teaching social studies subject? 

Ans: Of course, as we all know social studies subjects are a little bit boring and need to remember forcibly. However, implementation of webquest made it simple and more interesting to understand and remember through the use of charts,diagram, and facts and figures along with the assignments. 

Do you really planning to implement webquests in your class room study? 

Ans:Yes, I would love to implement webquests in my class room study because it turns the class environment more pleasant and enjoyable, rather than boring as it was earlier.

Will you recommend the webquests learning method for other teachers for their subject areas.

Ans: Sure…Like social study other teachers can also follow this method of teaching basing on their subjects. But believe me they will experience a better environment after applying this to their teaching process.

In which manner you find webquest theory differs from the traditional approach of teaching and learning?

Ans:Gone are the days of traditional learning. With the introduction of many of the methods addressed, in modern constructionist classroom, emphasis tends to shift from the teacher to the students. The students are more intelligent now. They do not need to feed everything by the teachers. They are quite capable of handling the things.