It can be PMP (Project management professional), CBAP (Certified business analyst Professional), SAP etc.

PMP certification:

For making a career out of the project management. PMP certification would help an individual to be ahead in the race in a job market by teaching them to think on project management standards, techniques, best practices etc.

CBAP certification:

Because of the requirements to analyse a business, business analysts come into the picture. The demand for business analysts have grown in the recent years with lots of applicants. To distinguish among so many business analysts, CBAP certification is necessary. CBAP teaches the best practices in the business analysis and puts in touch with other expert business analysts.

SAP- ERP software:

With the onset and popularity of ERP software, software suite providing end to end solutions for inventories, logistics, finance, Human resource, etc. Having a certification in SAP teaches how to handle various modules of the SAP software suite professionally and how to work on the same as an expert.

Considering its wide use, a certification program definitely increases the chances of being preferred by the companies hiring for the SAP. SAP certification also enables a person to meet with other people who are already in the field of SAP which enriches the knowledge.

The today’s world needs far more extra over the traditional learning approach. Now the era is smarter enough to avail the advantage of comprehensive technology solutions which are scalable as well as cost effective to cater all their current prospects and future requirements.

So to comply with all the desired needs of the advanced era of the recruitment companies we need to be more tech savvy. This is the last resort to survive in this multifaceted era.

If you need to survive in the competitive world then you come up with latest innovative ideas to save you skin.