The bast part of the e-Learning process is the flexibility of the procedure. You do not need to attend classes or to go anywhere. If you are equipped with the necessary tools then you have the access to your learning anywhere.

Consistent Training:

The learner can get the best training and education, even from thousands of miles of distance. It is good for physically challenged individuals to participate fully. The entire targeted learner can get a consistent and effective training by following the same e-Learning program.

E-Learning provides an effective and consistent training to its user. The whole of the target learners can participate at the same time and will get the same information, irrespective of the diversity of  location. This in fact construct a consistency of the system.

Save time, money & effort:

It is the age of technology. Everywhere there is automation. The field of education also find its own way to become trendy and handy. Now people prefer to work with their learning process also right from the comforts of their home, in order to save the time, money and effort. Unlike in olden days, now in today’s working environment, people have an access to better alternates for training and development. They are open with various smarter opportunities like mobile learning, E-learning as well as virtual training.

However, each process of learning has its own advantage and disadvantages. No method of learning is bad or useless if it is followed in a correct manner and used the right people for the right thing at the right time.

So to conclude it can be said that the process is technical in nature. An individual with minimum required tools and equipment can get into the process, but lack of proper skill and knowledge or having non-access to these tools will not be able to get success in an e-Learning program.