IT segment is the most challenging and daunting departments as compared to any other area of function. So while preparing for the job interview in this field as IT pros or developers you need to take care of the basic things as you do for any other interview. You are required to develop your communication, straightforwardness, self-esteem and presentation skills.

In order to implement a proper Learning and Development plan and to get the full benefit out of the arrangement the organisation has to go through a process. It has to organise a competency test to identify the skills and behaviours the employees.

Apart from the general qualities you have to clear the technical test as well. There are some tricky questions that are asked during the interview so as to gauge the presence of mind and honesty of the candidate. So it is better to show them the frankness of your mind rather than making them beating around the bush. The questions may come in the form of:

  • Where you want to see yourself after next 5 years?
  • What is the weak-point of yours?

In the technical face to face round of interview you will come across a technical person who will identify how technically sound you are in this regard. Often it has been seen that candidates having much good knowledge in programming can not crack the technical round, but due to some basic mistake that they do during the process of interview.

Some general mistakes which can be avoided if taken care properly in the technical rounds of interview are:

  • Implementation of jargon to represent your prospect desirable.
  • Unnecessary beating the bush while in fact the candidate does not know the answer.
  • If the candidate really do not have strong basics of a programming language.
  • Often when the prospect is unable to think depending on the complexity of the design aspects.