Webquest are good to trust for education and learning because they are not simply research tasks. It is however helpful in the development of individual knowledge and cultivate it more into a sophisticated understanding, facilitated by the online delivery. Fundamentally, it develops their knowledge of the content as they build their own knowledge by analysing and researching on the topic.

Importance of Webquest:

Now the whole crowd of students in order to expand on their intellectual knowledge depends on doing experiments. If the students are doing a good Webquest, then they can be engaged in the topic as on the computers.Thus it’sa simple and fun making way of learning things and doing research on any specific topic.

Everything is getting automated nowadays and people like this technique more than the traditional one. A teacher wants to use a Webquest more instead of traditional teaching methods?  WebQuests enhance student motivation. Motivated students are more likely to put more effort, as well as their minds are more alert to grasp the things and ready to make connections and understanding.

How it helps in the process of learning:

Nowadays with the immense development of technology and computer, people prefer online learning technique more than any other traditional method. So in this regard WebQuests are a promising and well-demanded approach to tapping the potential of the online teaching method of social studies. However it is a structured web-based group-inquiry project.For better learning process WebQuests are designed to promote students’ in-depth understanding as well as critical thinking. The works on WebQuests, considered by theoretical rationale, online resources, research reports,   descriptive reports, suggests that this type of project may signify an effective instructional tool for pre-service social studies teachers to learn to develop and employ as well. Still, a few experimental studies investigating the effects of WebQuests on student achievement is there. Controlled studies coupled with action research examining the effects of WebQuests on student learning in social studies are required to explore the transformative potential of this new educational resource.