Some people say self learning courses are non-achievable, however, if you have a little prior knowledge on the subject, then you can very easily get through the exam by using clear and informative teaching methods.

I am doing job in a company but was trying to get into Information technology world. No doubt , PMP training definitely is going to help me a lot in establishing  my career in IT sector, but due to strict office hours it became impossible for me to manage the course timing. Then, suddenly someone recommended me to join online PMP Self learning training. The idea changed my life really and now I am in a good position in my desired IT platform. Hat’s off to  the Self learning training.

The course material:

The course material which they have sent in the form of high quality industry-relevant videos, CDs, blogs, articles and other relevant study material are designed in a very methodical way to beat the IT world.

Good for non-technical people:

The presentation are especially are very good to get through the ever difficult topics. I don’t know much about technology. But I find no difficulties in taking this course. I don’t think it requires any specialised computer knowledge. With only the basic operating know-how you will manage to learn the course. Very impressed course pattern. Focused and fast paced. No comments for any improvements. It’s good for me to have a PMP certified course, sitting from my own comfort zone.

Study material, course pattern and the way of presentation is incomparable. It enhanced not only the knowledge, but self-confidence in me as well. A very well prepared and delivered courses to prepare you for sitting the PMP Exam. Trust me, this is the best training course I have ever taken. I would recommend to all the PMP aspirants and hope to have the opportunity to take another course again in the future.