The commercial, licensed tool owned by HP is the most appreciated and widely accepted automation testing tool existing in the market. It gives you the result through comparing the actual and expected result of a project to identify the deviations. However, it makes out the gaps and reports the results for a better understanding in the execution summary. Thus the test can easily identify what are the defects of the present software and how to deal with them.

History of QTP:

The people belonging to the IT segment may have the idea that QTP is not at all a recent invention of HP. However, you can say it as a replacement for earlier Win runner. From that day it is the best choice and more demanding among all the test automation engineers. It has gone through a long journey of probably a dozen versions starting from V5.5 to recently V11.x. Now a day we are observing a same type of craze for QTP certification courses. It’s just similar to a golden feather on the cap of all the certified IT qualified. Certainly, QTP leverages the career prospect to the greatest extent, but for that, a very good training program is very much significant to make you ready in the field. Before a qualified certification training, prepare yourself with all the basics of the area.

QTP job market:

So if you are very serious about your forthcoming prospect and want to establish your future career in Information Technology as a professional tester then do not waste time. It will help you out in understanding the concept with the help of industry level experts. There are tests, assignments as well as project studies which will make you competent to face the real world.

No matter whichever certification, you opt for, but to be successful in your life always prepare for it thoroughly with proper guidance and training from a reputed service provider to eliminate even the remotest probability of future failure.