The Classroom and Workshop training was a great deal for me. The best thing for me was going through the exercise on the virtues of an excellent leader and the challenges for women to become a good leader. Yes, I would definitely recommend the program to my current colleagues. I really liked the way the entire session was carried out which was based on the case studies as well as Self Assessment.

Classroom & Workshop Training:

I am very happy with the training process and milestone which they are following. It covers the entire BA tools and techniques which consist of BPM, UML, Requirements elicitation etc. The design course module is going very well with the real world challenges. I am very much satisfied with the training process.

The entire trainer here is very competent and cooperative. They take special care of the weak and backward students to make them understand the things. These online self paced institutions not only focuses on the course pattern and subjects they are also very keen on developing the overall personality of their students by conducting classes on Communication skill and self development area.

The Course Curriculum:

The course curriculum is too good. They focus on how the Business Analysts usually work on the process and projects so as to produce the industrial level of desired deliverable. It also involves in the activities of implementing an innovative technology solution to suffice the need of the business group in accordance with the client requirement  as part of the corporate world.

The online academic classes offers a proper preparation with Mock test and assignment to take the CBAP certification test.

The instructors here are very skillful in making us understand the subjects through citing some real world examples and project information on the business analysis process, negotiation skills, analytical thinking and problem solving, managing the business change, stakeholder management as well as a case study on stakeholder management.