Go through the below listed questions collected exclusively for the social study students. The questionnaire with given answer is prepared to test your knowledge. Practice the below quiz test to re-brush your  social study knowledge.

1.The Civil War’s first big battle took place at Fort Sumter. In which state it was?

A: South Carolina
B: North Carolina
C: New York
D: New Hampshire

Correct Answer: South Carolina

2. The soldiers, fought the battle from the Union side were mostly from

A: The South
B: The North
C: The East
D: The West

Correct Answer: The North

3. Abraham Lincoln was the __ President of United States.

A: 13th
B: 12th
C: 16th
D: 15th

Correct Answer: 16th

4.At the end of the civil war over _____ people had died.

A: 8,000
B: 50,000
C: 90,000
D: 600,000

Correct Answer: 600,000

5.The Civil war continued for a period of

A: 3 year
B: 4 year
C: 6 year
D: 100 year

Correct Answer:4 year

6.The gun which was used by the soldiers to fire one shot at a time was called a

A: muddle
B: muskrat
C: mascot
D: musket

Correct Answer: musket

7.What is the colour of the uniform of the soldiers on the Union side

A: Blue
B: Black
C: Brown
D: Gray

Correct Answer: Blue

8.The soldiers on the Confederacy side wore which color of uniform

A: Brown
B: Gray
C: Blue Black
D: Black

Correct Answer: Gray

9.Which of the statement is the most true?

A: Abraham Lincoln was for slavery.
B: Abraham Lincoln kept many slaves.
C: Abraham Lincoln didn’t care either way.
D: Abraham Lincoln was against slavery.

Correct Answer: Abraham Lincoln was against slavery.

10.Which of the statement is the most true?

A: General Grant surrendered to General Lee
B:General Lee surrendered to General Grant.
C: General Grant surrendered to Abraham Lincoln
D: General Lee surrendered to Abraham Lincoln

Correct Answer: General Lee surrendered to General Grant.