Learning through Webquest is something different from the traditional method of study. Teacher found the method is going well for their students. So the management decided to implement the new technique of learning. Following are the questions asked to the teachers to evaluate the method of learning.

As per you is it a fast learning process of teaching for the classroom study?

 Ans: Yes as per my views web-quest learning process is a fast and rapid tool of learning, as after implementation of the same, the student force started to take an active part in the assessment of their knowledge as well as in the assessment of the learning situation also.

Does the web-quest learning technique do anything for the intellectual development of the students?

 Ans: Its true…This technique helps in increasing the intellectual and rational thinking.Students should also need to have an opportunity to elaborate and explain. It is only possible by using evidence to present your opinion in a more intelligent way which in turn enhances the intellectual power of the students. These opportunities to explain help them to understand what they are learning.

Does the student gone through the process of web-quest learning,can be differentiating from others?

 Ans: Of course, they are becoming more understandable. They become logical to the multiple answers and defend their thinking.

Are you satisfied in adopting the new teaching process of web-quest or do you have any other idea in mind, Please suggest to make the process more effective.

Ans: Education works top when it focuses on thinking and understanding, in spite of on note memorisation. I do feel it is the best recent process of teaching and learning. However along with adopting the web-quest teaching process, I suggest a few new things to explore. To enhance the supremacy or our teaching process, we have to work going out of box, need to bring in outside speakers and guest lecturers for the improvement in the learning process. If resources abound, we can plan arrangements for periodic seminars on teaching and learning for administrators and school board members as well.