There is something which you cannot measure in terms of money. The things which cannot be quantified. Here, the efforts of a project manager.

Significance of project manager:

Many people think Project Managers are useless there is no use of them in a system.  They do nothing productive towards the goal of achieving the target. Only the thing that they do is attend lots of meetings, which is the core drawbacks to integrate project management into the developments and enhancements of software programs. If the project management would not have been there then the companies can save millions of bucks getting wasted over, through eating up the productive time in software development.

How it help the Industry:

However, companies struggle hard to get a desired end result for their software solution. If at the end they get an outcome which is of no use then the entire time, energy and money utilised in the process will go waste. So it is very important to have a plan before starting a project. It is not only convenient for the staff to work in a productive manner, but the project management tool is beneficial financially for the management as well. A  thought out and well-planned design structure of thinking is helpful in achieving the desired target. Thus, with the help of a well organised plan, the team can produce an intentional and deliberate model of working which reduce the time in manual re-work as well as protect the potential loss in profits caused by dissatisfied customers. Many may argue with the fact that keeping project management in the software solution, increasing the overhead cost but you will find it cost effective in the long run. So, on the contrary, it can be said that the idea of eliminating project management will cost much more in the long run.

Often it has been seen that some software development projects are bigger and need years long to writing the codes. In such a situation staring the project without a proper plan is something like placing the cart before the horse.